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Skaar Deathrune.jpg這次的重製版任務劇情翻譯是第7關 UnderWorld 地下世界,BOSS是死亡騎士Skaar
而且再次證明了主角是個沒路用的角色,他只會一直問: Celesta,怎麼辨?? XDDD
其實我心中最大的OS是,Skaar你好樣的,這一路上只有你視破了Celesta的真面目 XD

tab_underworld_big.gif 這裡是奸險小人及糜爛者死後的世界。這裡的居民一邊受折磨一邊豔羨活著世界的享受,他們不會於過任何擺脫殘酷命運的機會。
This realm is the afterlife for those who were treacherous and corrupt in life. 
Its tormented inhabitants are envious of those still relishing in the pleasures of the living world, and they will seize any opportunity to escape their cruel fate.

Fiery Awakening
 You are not sure where you are but the first thing you feel is the intense wave of heat on your skin. Before you have a chance to think, demons rush towards you!
Fend off Demons. Heal Wounds

Fire and Brimstone

You dispatched the demons but you need to find a way out. It looks like there is a precarious bridge across the river of lava.That may be the the best way out.
Find Your Way Out. Cross Lava River.

quest_underworld_3.jpg 死亡符文之城 Deathrune Castle
跨越熔岩後,你看到前方有座巨大的建築物。那裡似乎是是想回家最好的一個選擇。打破邪惡的封印、挑戰城堡 。
After crossing the lava, you see a large structure in the distance.It seems like that might be the best bet for a way back home.
Break Evil Seal. Charge the Castle.

quest_underworld_4.jpg 長路 The Long Path
After breaking the evil seal, you have a long treacherous path to the castle’s gates. You have to stay wary of potential attacks.
Being Followed. Cover Tracks.

quest_underworld_5.jpg 燃燒的大門 Burning Gates
You’ve finally reached the gates. The sense of evil coming from behind the gate is overwhelming, but you must push forth and find a way back to Valeria.
Breaching the Gates. Defeat Demonic Guards.

衝突對峙 Confrontation
The death knight approaches you and you can tell that you are not welcome within his abode. You grip your weapon and prepare for the inevitable attack.

Skaar Deathrune.jpg
Skaar: 年輕的戰士,我等你等很久了。墨菲斯特大人告訴過我你最終會來到這裡. 但不幸的是, 這裡就是你的終點。
Skaar: “Young warrior, I have been waiting for you. Lord Mephistopheles told me that you would end up here. Unfortunately for you, this will be your last stop.” 
你: 墨菲斯特??? 他還活著? 我明明就用神聖的復仇者把他幹掉了。 他不在了,我不相信你說的。
You: “Mephistopheles??? He’s still alive? But I destroyed him with the Holy Avenger. He is no more. I don’t believe you!” 
Skaar: 你真的以為自己能摧毀墨菲斯特大人? 我還真沒看過比你更白痴的。你只不過是延遲墨菲斯特大人回到你的爛世界的時間而已。不要多久,你們就會在墨菲斯特大人的奴役之下了!!
Skaar: “You really think that you could destroy Lord Mephistopheles? You are a bigger fool than I would have thought. You only delayed the eventual return of Lord Mephistopheles into your worthless little world. Before long, Lord Mephistopheles will enslave all of you!” 
你: 不會讓你有機會的,死亡騎士。現在我知道他沒死了,我會不惜一切阻止而且結束他恐怖的統治!
You: Not a chance death knight. Now that I know Mephistopheles is alive, I will stop at nothing to stop him and end his reign of terror! 
Skaar: 如果你真相信自己做的到,至少要先打敗我才行,沒大腦的武夫。領死吧!
Skaar: “If you truly believe you can do that, you are going to have to defeat me first, foolish warrior. Prepare for your end!” 
你緊握著自己的武器。一邊準備對抗Skaar的攻擊一邊感覺到汗水緩慢的滑過前額。他朝你猛攻! 幸運的是他的速度比墨菲斯特其他的手下要遲緩。你輕鬆閃過他的攻擊同時準備反擊。你把劍高舉過頭對準Skaar後背的空檔。這對你的敵人來說是致命的一擊。突然一股大力將你的武器反彈回來。Skaar有做什麼嗎? 他根本沒有反擊,剛才明明是個破绽。
You grip your weapon tightly. You feel the sweat roll down your forehead and prepare for Skaar’s attack. He rushes toward you! Fortunately for you, his speed is nothing like Mephistopheles’s other henchman. You sidestep Skaar’s strike with ease and prepare your counterattack. You bring your blade above your head and aim for Skaar’s back which he has just exposed. This will be a critical blow to your foe. With a sudden force, your weapon is repelled. What did Skaar do? He didn’t counterattack and it was a sure opening. 
Skaar: 哈哈哈。你以為我會蠢到讓你那麼輕易傷到我嗎? 我的瑪拿力場保護我,你那沒力的攻擊傷不了我的! 你對上我是一點機會也沒有的,白痴!
Skaar: “Hahaha. You thought I would be so foolish as to let you injure me with such ease? My Mana Forcefield protects me from weak attacks like that! You have no chance against me foolish warrior!” 
Celesta: 我們一定要找到解除瑪拿力場的方法。不然我們的處境會很不利!
Celesta: “We must find a way to dispel the Mana Forcefield. Otherwise, we are at a large disadvantage!” 
How will you dispel the Mana Forcefield?

在你有時間思考怎麼破解Skaar的力場之前,Skaar 已揮著他的巨劍砍過來了。你閃開來回擊,但一點用也沒有! 瑪拿力場輕易的就把攻擊力道偏轉還讓你的手震到發麻。如果根本沒辨法傷到Skaar, 這場仗應該很快就完蛋了。 

Before you have a chance to think about how to breach Skaar’s Mana Forcefield, he brings his huge great sword down upon you. You avoid it and again try to counterattack but it is no use! The Mana Forcefield easily deflects your attack and leaves your hands numb. If you can’t hurt Skaar, this battle will end quickly. 
你: Celesta, 你不能做什麼或拿出什麼可以抵消掉瑪拿力場的東西嗎?
You: “Celesta, isn’t there anything you can do to take dispel the Mana Forcefield?” 

Celesta: “This magic is unlike anything I have seen before. I can try but I am not sure what the result will be.” 
Celesta speaks a magical incantation softly and a pale yellow glow starts to build around her hands. All of a sudden a beam of light shoots from her hands and hits Skaar’s forcefield. The Mana Forcefield becomes visible and flickers for a bit. However, after a little bit the forcefield seems to be back up again. 
Celesta : 看來咒文的效力維持不了多久。你要配合我持續的咒文把握空檔攻擊。
Celesta: “It looks like the Dispel spell is only effective for a limited amount of time. You’ll have to look for an opening while I continue to cast Dispel.” 
輪到你反擊了。Celesta再次呢喃著魔咒來解除,你對Skaar揮劍,但力場消減了你的攻擊力Skaar幾乎不受影響。力場突然閃爍了一下,是Celesta的咒文創造的空檔嗎? 你立刻變招往Skaar的腰間斬去。這次你的劍沒有彈開,Skaar承受了你的重擊。
Now is the time for your counter attack. Celesta again murmurs the magical language to cast Dispel. You swing your blade at Skaar but the Mana Forcefield slows the attack enough that the attack doesn’t affect Skaar. The Forcefield flickers a bit. Is this an opening from Celesta’s Dispel? You quickly reverse the direction of your blade swing and bring your blade towards Skaar’s hip. This time your blade is not repelled. Skaar narrowly sidesteps your strike. 
Skaar: 我的力場!! 那巫婆! 肯定是她。

Skaar: “My forcefield! That witch! It must be her.” 
Skaar 丟下你轉而把注意力放在Celesta上開始攻擊。你一定要趕上。你迴身攔截Skaar攻擊的路線。你再次揮劍但又被力場擋住了。但力場又閃了一下,幹的好! 機會來了! 此時Skaar的劍正對著Celesta的頭部高高的舉起。 
Skaar diverts his attention away from you and now starts his charge towards Celesta. You must get there in time. You spring forward on a trajectory to intercept Skaar. You swing your blade and it is again stopped by the Mana Forcefield. However, it flickers again. It is down! This is your chance. Skaar raises his blade over his head and aims torwards Celesta’s head. 
Skarr: 喔~啊啊啊啊!!!!
Skaar: “Arrrrrggggh!” 
Skaar’s blade is mere inches away from Celesta but yet he has stopped for some reason. Skaar stumbles backward and it is now apparent why he stopped. Your weapon has penetrated Skaar from the back and has exited out the front of his chest. Skaar crashes down to his knees. 
Skaar: 我似乎低估了你們這些擊敗Mephistopheles的人類… 不過你們還是逃不掉的,愚蠢的戰士….
Skaar: “It seems I have underestimated the human that defeated Lord Mephistopheles….your end will still come foolish warrior….” 
Skaar倒地,一陣閃光之後就消失了。這個地方有個傳送門,這傳送門是往哪? 誰知道? 你唯一知道的事就是這是個好機會,讓你可以回家,回到Valeria。

Skaar slumps down to the ground and in a flash of light he’s gone. In its place is a portal. Where will this portal lead? Who knows? The only thing you do know is that it is a chance for you to get home to Valeria. 

You step through the portal……. 


感謝Dias Wu 及語軒大人再次提供正確的翻譯修正~ 感激不盡~



[CA] Castle Age 劇情翻譯- Genesis創世紀-大地元素

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